Friday, February 26, 2016


Through March 13, 2016

Bob Abelman

Place two chairs on a stage and put Anne McEvoy and Neil Thackaberry in them and great theater is likely to result.  

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Kerry Clawson

Actors’ Summit’s CHAPATTI is a lyrical, gentle tale that explores loneliness, isolation and depression among senior citizens, whose story slowly and beautifully builds bonds of trust and companionship between an older man and woman.

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Mark Horning

While charming at its core and extremely well acted, “Chapatti” carries more darkness than light that some may find unnerving in spite of the hopeful ending.  It is the happy/sad play that will have you thinking about a lot of issues.

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David Ritchey

Dogs and cats usually aren’t the subject of stage plays.  “Chapatti” is different.  Chapatti is the name of the dog.  The cast of this 90-minute one-act play bring one dog and about 16 cats to life on the Actors’ Summit stage.  “Chapatti” deals with two lonely people, Dan (Neil Thackaberry) and Betty (Anne McEvoy).  Their pets, like glue, seem to hold their fragile lives together– Dan has Chapatti and Anne has about 16 cats.  Dan realizes he needs more than the dog to make his life complete. Unfortunately, he sees no opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

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