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January 22-February 14, 2016
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Bob Abelman

Dobama more than keeps up with ‘The Realistic Joneses’

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Roy Berko

THE REALISTIC JONESES is one of those scripts that, with poor direction and acting could be a disaster.  Fortunately, under the adept directing of Shannon Sindelar and stellar performances by Chris Richard, Joel Hammer, Tracee Patterson and Rachel Zake, the Dobama production is an absolute must see!

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Mark Horning

At first blush this quirky comedy makes you laugh due to the unfiltered speech in which whatever comes to the character’s mind is blurted out.  It is only later that you find that the reason for these patterns may be due to the symptoms of a disease and the closeness of the couples.  It is here that soft guilt replaces the levity and a lesson is learned.  Well worth the effort to see this play.

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Christine Howey

The laughs come fast and furious as Eno's masterful way with quirky takes continually surprises. But from the scenic design to the direction, this play both tries too hard and then not hard enough — never penetrating below the surface and delivering on the deeper meaning that pulses just below all the glinting words.

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Andrea Simakis

Thanks to one of Broadway's more bizarre offerings, it's never been weirder fun keeping up with the Jonses--that's Bob and Jennifer ones and their new neighbors John and Pony Jones.

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