Thursday, January 14, 2016


Through February 7, 2016

Bob Abelman

The Cleveland Play House doesn’t often stage musicals and, when it does, most serve to tell the life story of legendary singers like Mahalia Jackson, Woody Guthrie, and five guys named Moe. It is the exception when the CPH boldly colors outside the lines and stages so effectively something as outrageously campy and hilariously quirky as "Little Shop of Horrors.”  

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Roy Berko

LITLE SHOP OF HORRORS will delight audience members who are looking for an escapist evening of theatre, while giving the “thinking” audience an opportunity to consider the implications of the Ashman-Menken creation.  The show is well-conceived by director/choreographer/musical director Amanda Dehnert.
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Kerry Clawson

A bloodbath can be an awful lot of fun when it’s Audrey II you’re talking about, the man-eating plant in Cleveland Play House’s delicious celebration of the ultra-campy: "Little Shop of Horrors."  Director Amanda Dehnert has modernized this 1982 musical by replacing its original trio of street urchins with five sexy girl band members.

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Mark Horning

With two show stopping hummable tunes to take home, a great stage set, fine acting and singing, a really rocking band and of course the true star of the show, Audrey II, “Little Shop” is a creepy delight that will entertain all who attend.  The show is a killer.

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Christine Howey

Sure enough, this production at the Allen Theatre is often a fun ride. And if you've never seen this show before, the bloodthirsty plant and the sadistic dentist will definitely blow your skirt up. But if you have seen Little Shop previously, you may be distracted by some odd directorial choices and a couple performances that fall a tad short.

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Andrea Simakis

Why does "Little Shop of Horrors" 2016 at the Cleveland Play House feel flat and uninspired much of the time?  Maybe it's because it isn't content to sha-boop its way into ears and hearts.

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Art Thomas

There's some rethinking of the original production of this show, which itself was a musical adaptation of a low-budget campy horror film. The talking plant from outer space desires to take over the world, but nerdy florist assistant Seymour tries to make things right. Ari Butler dances up a storm using the exuberant direction/choreography of Amanda Dehnert.

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