Friday, November 27, 2015


December 1 through 6, 2015

Bob Abelman

This touring ‘Wizard of Oz’ proves that there’s no place like homage.

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Roy Berko

Yes, Dorothy, I’d love to come back again and again to see you and the rest of the cast of THE WIZARD OF OZ.  This was a very special production that showed the value of new electronic media techniques used to their highest level of creativity to help reinvent a well-loved story.  Yes, the show takes us “Over the Rainbow,” and is filled with “Wonders of the World,” as we “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” through “The Merry Old Land of Oz,” and come to appreciate that there is no place like home.  Too bad the show only stays here for a very short run.  Go!  Enjoy!

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Howard Gollop

Fortunately, the orchestrations by David Cullen and Graham Hurman (vocal and dance music) ingeniously gel old and new music, plus work in a bit of Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain.” The result is a reasonably cohesive, if not seamless, score...  What elevates this “Oz” is not the cast members — who are great singers but ultimately unexceptional actors (with the exception of Morgan Reynolds as the Scarecrow) — but the production value.

Mark Horning

If you are a family looking for a wonderful first time big theater experience for your children, you need look no further than “The Wizard of Oz: The Musical.”  It is the stuff that dreams are made of as well as memories that will last a lifetime.  Reserve your ticket NOW so that you can be off to see the Wizard!

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Christine Howey

All in all, this Wizard is a splendid adaptation and actually serves as a wonderful companion piece to the movie.

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Art Thomas

You'll enjoy the music from the movie in this production which also boasts new music and lyrics from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The four core characters connect with the audience fully and the production design is the perfect frame for the enchanting choreography. 

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