Friday, November 27, 2015


Through December 22, 2015

Bob Abelman

‘Guys on Ice’ more bait than bite, but its charm is reeling.

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Roy Berko

As a couple said in the elevator while exiting the theatre,  “It was kinda cute.”  Yep, all righty, if you are in the right mood, and don’t expect Shakespeare or Sondheim, GUYS ON ICE is kind of cute.  
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Kerry Clawson

It seems I’ve mellowed out over the last six years, considering I found the goofy little musical 'Guys on Ice' more entertaining this time around than I did in 2009 at Actors’ Summit.
The musical ... has a barely-there story and mostly schlocky tunes that attempt to hold the lightweight 90-minute show together. But this show knows how to laugh at its own lame hinterland humor ...

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Mark Horning

If you are looking for a non-holiday infused show that is witty and a true delight to watch, look no further than Actors’ Summit’s production of “Men on Ice.”  Spend a delightful evening with these “Ice Hole Philosophers” as they sing, dance and joke their way into your heart.  This gem of a show is well worth the short drive from Cleveland.  You Betcha.

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