Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mary Poppins @ Beck Center for the Arts

December 5, 2014-January 4, 2015
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Bob Abelman

There’s only a spoonful of spectacle in Beck Center’s ‘Mary Poppins,’ but it's practically perfect in other ways.

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Roy Berko

“Mary Poppins, based on the stories of P. L. Travers and the Walt Disney Film, is generally delightful, though not as charismatic as required for the attention of young children.  It will delight most theatre-goers as Mary Poppins flylessly cavorts into their hearts and feeds them “A Spoon Full of Sugar.” 
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Mark Horning

While this may have been an off night for the show, the lack of heat in the theater, lackluster (cold) performances from most of the cast (although the large dance numbers did well but could be better if speeded up) and the general “walk through” atmosphere of the production left me disappointed.  Disney is an explosion of sight, color and sound.  This show lacked all of those.

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