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December 5-January 4, 2015  
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Bob Abelman

While most local theaters are offering garish visions of sugar plums, stories about resurrection or overtly sentimental reenactments of festive holiday gatherings, leave it to Dobama Theatre to buck tradition and tell a poignant and ecumenical tale about suffering and loss.

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Roy Berko

Audiences looking for an alternative to the usual escapist holiday treats have an opportunity to attend “A Civil War Christmas:  An American Musical Celebration, ” and broaden their knowledge of a series of historical and fictional events, which should challenge their thinking, while helping place some of the current legal and ethical issues in a broad perspective.  The production is stronger than the content, but it is a show well worth seeing.

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Mark Horning

In short, the entire cast and crew brings these historic as well as lesser known participants in America’s past to life as real breathing human beings.  With an exceptional set, lighting, sound and costuming along with superb music by the group of actor/musicians combined with the exceptional singing made the three hour evening (with fifteen minute intermission) fly by.  The story is gripping in its concept and grand in its scope.  In the end you will truly understand more of what it was like to live through this horrible period of history in what is again the United States of America.  This promises to be a sell-out.

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Christine Howey
The accomplished playwright Paula Vogel has thrown the tragedy of the Civil War onto her word loom and concocted a touching, sometimes humorous, and always affecting theatrical quilt of many tones.

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Andrea Simakis

Dobama's "Civil War Christmas" is a technical marvel, a gorgeous looking, finely tuned show where entrances and exits are choreographed with balletic precision. . . So it's a pity that such impressive infrastructure supports a mostly dull and overly earnest enterprise.

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