Monday, December 1, 2014

"Irving Berlin's WHITE CHRISTMAS" @ State Theatre/PhSq

December 2-14, 2014
216-241-6000 or

Bob Abelman

Warm and fuzzy feelings? Check. Dopey ear-to-ear grin? Check. Intellect intact and untouched? Check.

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Roy Berko

“Irving Berlin’s White Christmas" is theatrical fluff that makes for a nice marzipan treat for the holidays.  Don’t go expecting a great American musical.  It’s intended to entertain, not teach a lesson or give advice on how to solve the world’s problems.  If  you ”Let Yourself Go,” the show should add to your “Happy Holiday.”
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Kerry Clawson

The stage musical "Irving Berlin's White Christmas" is an idyllic slice of Americana, a snapshot of all that was innocent and beautiful in 1954 Hollywood.

Costumes by Carrie Robbins are gorgeous, the singing is top-notch and the dancing is spectacular, especially the extended tap number "I Love a Piano," featuring the full chorus and partnering by the exuberant Kaitlyn Davidson as Judy and Jeremy Benton as Phil.

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Howard Gollop

... Nonstop candy-colored backdrops, decorated trees rolling in from the wings, tons of bubbly snow falling from the stage and auditorium and abundant evergreen tunes by the great Irving Berlin ...

Yes, there’re lots of reasons to hum but unfortunately there’re a few reasons to cry “Humbug,” too.

Adapted for the live stage nearly a decade ago (with a few plot tweaks), “White Christmas” makes the common mistake of presuming Hollywood screenplays invariably hold enough dramatic weight to resonate in a theater.

Mark Horning

Grand and elaborate sets, an extremely talented cast who excel in acting, dancing and singing, wonderful songs played by an exceptional orchestra makes this a total Broadway experience.  While not Shakespeare, it is a wonderful holiday diversion.  With its short run you would be best to get your tickets right now.
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Christine Howey

The promotional image for this musical version of that film, now at PlayhouseSquare, is a snow globe, and that is actually a very accurate representation of the show itself. It’s gorgeous to look at (and the songs are enjoyable to listen to), but the emotions that the film generates are absent, sealed under the glossy surface of a show that has plenty of eye candy but not enough heart.

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Andrea Simakis

The oddly chemistry-free production is as comfortably bland and forgettable as the socks your Aunt Clara sends you every year at Christmas. 

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Art Thomas

An old-fashioned musical in every aspect, "White Christmas" is an ultimate feel-good experience with a show-stopping and completely gratuitous "I Love a Piano" as the second act opener. 

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