Friday, July 4, 2014

STARMITES @ Porthouse/Kent State

July 3-19, 2014
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Bob Abelman

A very two-dimensional ‘Starmites’ gets a five-star treatment at Porthouse Theatre

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Roy Berko

Artistic Director Terri Kent and the Porthouse staff, knowing their audiences, usually play it safe, producing the tried and true musicals (e.g., “My Fair Lady,” “Sound of Music.”)  Doing “Starmites” was a stretch.  It will be interesting to evaluate how the audiences respond and whether that encourages future stretching of the boundaries.  (I’d love to see them do “First Date” or “Bridges of Madison County,” recent Broadway shows.)  As for the production, I would have preferred that, as the powers that be had picked a ridiculous farce, that director Michael Mcintosh, had pulled out all the stops and created a staging that was parallel to the bizarre sci-fi plot.

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Kerry Clawson

'Starmites' is an ultra-bright, fantastical, over-the-top musical comedy that’s fun for all ages at Porthouse Theatre.
This comic book story-come-to-life, nominated for six Tony Awards in 1989, is dominated by tongue-in-cheek humor and tuneful melodies. It’s a ridiculously fun Innerspace fantasy adventure that’s markedly different fare from Porthouse’s usual musical classics.

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Mark Horning

If you're looking for a nice frothy summer time treat with a decent moral back story, this is a good show to share with the family.  It’s not Hamlet, but it doesn't try to be.  Enjoy the show for what it is…nice easy to listen to music, an easy to follow story and a fun campy cast.
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Christine Howey

You'd think that a Broadway musical that was nominated for six Tony Awards would have a lot going for it. But in the case of the regrettably titled Starmites, now at Porthouse Theatre, there's less to this show than meets the eye.

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