Sunday, July 27, 2014

OLIVER @ Porthouse

July24-August 10, 2014
or 330-929-4416 or 330-672-3884

Bob Abelman

Many stage productions of this beloved musical have dared to bring to the surface the depth, darkness and ethnic divide that Dickens intended.  The Porthouse Theatre production is not of that ilk.  It is, instead, a pleasant diversion meant to amuse rather than engage. 

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Roy Berko

“Oliver!” is a wonderful musical theatre script which tells a well conceived tale, has marvelous music, and, in a good production, pleases an audience.  Unfortunately, Porthouse’s version left much to be desired.

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Mark Horning

Summer is a time for lightness…clothes, music, temperatures, food and theater.  “Oliver!” is perfect entertainment for this time.  Take a drive out to Cuyahoga Falls for an enjoyable evening of musical theater. 

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Christine Howey

This production goes even further in soft-pedaling the unpleasant parts of the original source material. As directed by Terri Kent, this Oliver! works hard to ear its exclamation point, even though there are a couple somewhat sour notes along the way.

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