Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lakeland Civic Theatre (Lakeland Community College)
February 2-27, 2013  

Bob Abelman

Although this musical earned several Tony Awards—which inspires visions of bright lights, happy endings and high-kicking chorus girls—that is no guarantee of a fun evening when coupled with a Pulitzer Prize.  In fact, Pulitzer is code for somber and thought-provoking.    “Next to Normal” is not easy to like, but there is much to love about this Lakeland Civic Theatre production of it.

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Roy Berko

Does NEXT TO NORMAL, a musical about mental illness, sound like a downer?  The script, and the music, and this production are so well conceived, that there is no time during the production that the audience is not compelled to watch with rapt attention.  Lakeland’s production is an absolutely, positive, MUST SEE!
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Fran Heller

"Next to Normal, " a rock musical whose subject matter is mental illness, could easily be a downer.
The luminous production of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winning drama at Lakeland Theatre proves an exhilarating high.
 From the thrilling opening number, "Just Another Day", a song of survival, until the moving closing number, "Light", a song of tentative hope, the show blew me away.

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Christine Howey
It isn't often we are able to witness a work of performance art embedded in a stunning art installation. But such is the case in the very satisfying production of Next to Normal, the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning rock musical, now at the Lakeland Civic Theatre.

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NEXT TO NORMAL at Lakeland Civic Theatre is a DO NOT MISS production.
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