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February 22-March 10, 2013
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Bob Abelman

Noël Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” is the comedic equivalent of a dry martini.  Comprised of urbane smugness, just a hint of slapstick and stirred (the worlds created by Noël Coward are never shaken), the play is considered low-shelf stuff compared to Cowards’ more successful “Private Lives” and “Hay Fever.”  It is, however, still clever, caustic and particularly funny in the hands of Great Lakes Theater.

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Roy Berko

Nöel Coward’s BLITHE SPIRIT is one of those magical epics that delights audiences.  Great Lakes Theater is blessed with some excellent female leads who help make the show a smile fest, though it should have been the laugh fest created by the master. 

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Fran Heller

Coward's laser-sharp wit and rapier dialogue reach their apotheosis in "Blithe Spirit, " a modern classic that still delights more than 70 years later.
The enchanting production at Great Lakes Theater provides ample proof of the play's enduring charm.

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Christine Howey

This wan production Blithe Spirit at Great lakes Theatre generates more faint smiles than laugh-out-loud moments. With a couple notable exceptions, the actors and director Charles Fee seem more intent on nailing a precise Coward-ian cadence to the speech than in developing real characters we can relate to and laugh with.

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Great Lakes Theater is alive and well with the hilarious BLITHE SPIRIT, a Nöel Coward play about, of all things, a dead ex-wife.

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Andrea Simakis

So raise a glass to this supernatural m nage + trois and a play [BLITHE SPIRIT] that crackles with life 71 years after it was first performed. Cheers, darling!

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