Sunday, April 7, 2024

Jitney Taxi Service @ Beck Center for the Arts

Through May 5, 2024

(216) 521-2540


Mark Horning

If you have never witnessed an August Wilson play you are in for a huge treat and if you have, you owe it to yourself to see this production. This two hour race of emotions grabs and holds your attention for the entire time. You not only relate, you root for various characters praying they will win out in the end. It is life, death and romance in a gripping saga. This is must see theater of the highest magnitude. 

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Chris Howey

In short, this production is not to be missed.

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Laura Kennelly

Jitney, playing at the Beck Center for the Arts through May 5, is a mini masterpiece. Director Jimmie Woody allows each character’s unique perspective to gradually unfold in this August Wilson award-winning classic. It was the first play written in playwright August Wilson’s Pittsburgh series.

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Dr. Yuko Kurahashi

Set in a car service office—run by Becker (Darryl Tatum) in the Hill District between 1970 and 79, the story of Jitney follows immediately after Two Trains Running, which covers the decade between 1960 and 69. Jitney illustrates the story of the multigeneration of taxi drivers and how they impacted their communities. This play's background is the modern transportation mode (automobiles) that gave mobility and freedom to Blacks and their lives. Yet, behind this appearance of “improvement” is permeating gentrification that pushes original residents out of the area, as they need to close their businesses and schools.

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