Sunday, October 29, 2023

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein @ Cleveland Play House

Through November 12, 2023
(216) 241-6000

Roy Berko

The production, though not as compelling as it could be, tells the tale as Mary Shelly intended it.  If you think of the Frankenstein tale as true horrifying and scary, the monster as epitomized by Boris Karloff in the films FRANKENSTEIN AND THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, or ridiculously humorous as portrayed in ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN or HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, this is not it.  This is a straight-forth telling of the Shelly tale, with the ominous over-tones of what might be in this age of Emotional Intelligence.

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Howard Gollop

Playwright Catlin carefully intertwines the sad tale of a man-made monster ostracized from society to real-life victims of that stifling early-19th-century 
society for other reasons. Their true-life horrific fates, like the monster in their melodrama, are strikingly revealed at the end of the play. 
Director Michael Barakiva keeps David Catlin's intriguing work befittingly lugubrious, perhaps too successfully. He has ample help setting the mood with scenic and costume designer Lex Liang, whose elegantly macabre flourishes transform the in-the-round Outcalt Theater stage (seating on all four sides) making the audience members feel like they've stepped right into the dark, rich world of the novel.

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Sheri Gross
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Mark Horning

This production is by far the most evenly balanced of the season. Equal elements of sex, love, horror, grotesque, apathy and even bits of comedy abound as well as an unworldly stage set and special effects that draw us in completely. This is not only a faithful rendition of the novel but an intimate view of the protagonists as well. This is must see theater.   

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Chris Howey
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Laura Kennelly

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, now at Playhouse Square’s Outcalt Theatre, weaves a mesmerizing tale about monsters both human and human-made.

Playwright David Catlin has cleverly interspersed Mary Shelley’s well-known horror tale with the somewhat less well-known story about its genesis. It was 1816 and the wealthy, but socially outcast George Gordon, Lord Byron, had invited a trio of other British misfits (poets, teenage free-lovers) to join him and Dr. Polidore (his physician) in his Swiss lakeside villa. ....

Bottom Line: A beautifully executed version of a terrifying fantasy. Recommended.

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Kate Klotzbach
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Joey Morona
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