Monday, October 9, 2023


October 6-29, 2023

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Roy Berko

MAKE BELIEVE is play with a compelling premise, especially in this era of multi-dysfunctional families and days and nights of angst.  With some careful cutting, and some extra-time spent working with the younger members of the cast, based on comments of reviews of other productions of this script, this may have been an exceptional experience.  As is, the production makes for a thought-provoking evening with some lacking qualities.

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Sheri Gross

Dobama Theater kicks off its season with Bess Wohl’s ambitious and complex play “Make Believe,” a drama that explores how childhood trauma can have long lasting effects, even into adulthood. The first part of the play is set in the 1980s in an attic playroom fully stocked with plenty of toys to keep any child happy and occupied for hours on end. Sadly, the children playing in this attic are not very happy, and unfortunately, the script does not successfully keep us occupied.

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Mark Horning

This is a work that you must steel yourself beforehand in order to appreciate it to its fullest. As advertised, it is an adult play with language and themes that for some may be a bit too much but for others an opener of conversations with their significant others. You decide.

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Chris Howey

Ultimately, Wohl's title for this overwritten play is all too accurate. It does indeed feel like "make-believe," as in a story that lacks the snap, surprise and stakes of real life. 

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