Tuesday, September 26, 2023

'Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812'

                                                      'Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812'
Great Lakes Theater
September 22-October 8, 2023
216-241-6000 or greatlakestheater.org


Roy Berko

When I reviewed the Broadway production of NP&TGC1812 I said it was “breathtaking.”  I continued, “this is more than a musical, it is a spectacle of enormous proportions.”  I repeat the same for the GLT production and add that I doubt if there is another director on the local scene who could create such a quality staging of this script!

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Howard Gollop

All this fun could easily have been just frenzy were it not for the knowing reign of veteran director Victoria Bussert. The production not only ends with a literal comet but begins as a theatrical comet as well -- nonstop images and action, haunting intimate encounters, spot-on sight gags and organic ensemble production numbers by choreographer Jaclyn Miller that would beckon the audience to stand up and dance as well.

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Sheri Gross

Kudos and bravos must go to this entire Great Lakes Theater cast and crew for creating an epic theatrical experience that must be seen and heard.  

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Mark Horning

This show while a bit long (just under two and a half hours) is so engrossing the time passes very quickly. There is an intensity that is seldom seen in theater these days. You will find yourself caught up and swept away by the grandness of it all. See this show!

Chris Howey

"This remarkable, resounding show runs through October 8 and if you think you're too busy to see it, change your plans and get your pert little buns down to the Hanna Theatre."

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Laura Kennelly

This Great Lakes Theater version of Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812, an electropop opera written by Dave Malloy and directed by Victoria Bussert, is in several ways even better than the Broadway show. A big part of Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 is its power to pull us into the action, into the party, and into the story. The Hanna Theatre excels in doing just that.

BOTTOM LINE: This is a fabulous production and a must-see show. If you see only one show a year, let it be this one. Tolstoy never had it so good.

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Kate Klotzbach
No review yet.
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Joey Morona
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