Tuesday, September 12, 2023




September 8-24. 2023

214-321-2930 or www.ensembletheatrcle.org 

Roy Berko

The script, with its strong language and themes, is a thinking person’s play.  This is not a production for those who go to theatre to escape, to be “entertained.”  Many people will not “like” this play.  “To be liked” is not its purpose.  The author wants you to think about the role of communication in a relationship.  To think about the world in which we live.  To think about what “good” people are.  To think, about…maybe even overthink!  The production succeeds in developing the intent and purpose of the author!

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Sheri Gross

“Lungs” debuted in 2011, and the issues at the center of the story are not only still relevant 22 years later, but they are even more dire. While there are plenty of laughs, it is an intense, and in some ways, exhausting theatrical experience that may not be everyone’s cup of chai, but It is an important piece of theater if it is handled correctly and done well, which speaks directly to this impressive production at Ensemble Theater.

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Mark Horning
No review yet.
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Chris Howey

Lungs is a smart play that will keep you on your toes, even as you contemplate the vagaries of love, family and our assault on our planet. And it reminds (in case you needed reminding) that things are plenty complicated in this fraught 21st century.

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