Saturday, August 12, 2023




August 10-27, 2023

216-371-3000 or www.cainpark/148/Buy-Tickets


Roy Berko

This is a dramatic message musical which deserves the accolades which it has won.  It gets a must-see production, with the caveat that audience members be aware of the subject matter.

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Sheri Gross

This is the kind of show that runs you ragged through a revolving door of emotions, but makes you think and feel and keep on feeling long after the curtain call.

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Mark Horning

While this production will have close to sold out audiences throughout its run, it may not be the show for everyone. If you are sensitive to subjects such as mental illness, compulsive behavior, extensive family control and suicide it may not be your cup of Ovaltine. Otherwise, it is great theater.

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Chris Howey

Fun Home is a play dealing with heavy topics, but Kron's sharp wit and Tesori's evocative music save the day. And under the wise and thoughtful direction of Joanna May Cullinan, it becomes one of those musicals that, if you put in the effort, will reside within you long after the curtain falls.

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