Sunday, August 6, 2023

Erma Bombeck @ Cleveland Play House

Through August 20, 2023 

(216) 241-6000



Roy Berko

ERMA BOMBECK:  AT WIT’S END, CPH’s “pre-season treat,” will delight those of a “certain age” who are familiar with the era and role of women as described in Bombeck’s references.  Modern feminists will roll their eyes at many of her situational references.

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Howard Gollop

Mark Cuddy's knowing direction nevertheless keeps the evening alive and even manages to enhance the vague dramatic arch of the script. Perhaps after a few more productions, Pam Sherman will embody Erma Bombeck inwardly as she does outwardly. But even as the show now stands, the titular Erma Bombeck proves to be not only the real star but the able "ghostwriter" who keeps the production entertaining and at times even enchanting. Despite the show's title, there certainly is no end to Erma Bombeck's wit.

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Sheri Gross
No review yet.
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Mark Horning

It is good to have shows like this make their way to the theater where folks can sit back and relax to the gentle humor of a comic master. This is one show you should not miss.

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Chris Howey

The assemblage created by the Engels manages to highlight some of Bombeck's better gags (on Regrets: "Think of all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.") But those are surrounded by many more supposed laugh lines that have not aged well or were never that amusing to begin with.

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