Friday, November 4, 2022



October 28-November 13, 2022 

Notre Dame College--4545 College Road--South Euclid

Roy Berko

This journey of myth, loss, power, and pain leaves a message of how historical facts, rumor and subterfuge tells a story that opens the door to the present day, which evolves from experiences of the past.  Anyone interested in history and philosophy should be captivated by this tale. 
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Mark Horning

This Ensemble Theatre production is a thinking man and woman's show that will challenge your intellect. I would suggest asking for a paper program in order to keep track of the various scenes, times and locations as listed on the title page. This is cerebral theater at its best.

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Chris Howey

Late in the engrossing play "Describe the Night," a character says, “Behold...the black magic marker. The most useful tool in all of communism. There is nothing that cannot be eventually crossed out and changed. This is what we are here to do.” And that is what this script by former Clevelander Rajiv Joseph is doing at Ensemble Theatre. Joseph and director Celeste Cosentino explore the intricate filaments of truth and untruth that composed government rule in the past 100 years, and then subtly asks us to look at our own country and consider the mess we currently confront.

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