Thursday, November 3, 2022

CATS @ Playhouse Square

Through November 20, 2022
(216) 241-6000


Sheri Gross

The musical “Cats” may not be everyone’s saucer of milk, but this newest iteration with its  talented ensemble of dancers, and those standout numbers are the “cat’s meow.” Pun intended. 

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Mark Horning

Cleveland is truly blessed to have shows of such high caliber visit us for extended stays. This is London West End and Broadway at its best. If you only see one KeyBank Broadway Series production this year then this is the show to see. It is purr-fect.

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Chris Howey

The new touring production of Cats is now in residence at Playhouse Square, in the just-turned-100-year-old Connor Palace Theatre. And let's face it: people who love Cats really love it. But for those who don't, this collection of singing and dancing actors dressed as tabbies is like claws on a blackboard. Over the past 40 years since it traveled from London to Broadway, those two audience groups have grown in vociferousness until damn near everybody has a strong opinion— catnip for some, catatonia for others.

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Laura Kennelly

So, what to expect? A fluffy-light plot brought to life by an ensemble cast of over two dozen extraordinary dancers who sing, act and sometimes talk directly to you (if you are in the front rows anyway). The plot? It seems that the stray cats who hang out in the junkyard at night have an annual Jellicle Ball, an event where one is chosen to ascend to the Heaviside Layer and start over. (You recall that all cats have nine lives, right?)

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Joey Morona

What CATS lacks in a cohesive narrative and catchy, and, memorable songs, it makes up for it with infectious energy, exhilarating dances numbers and a fun, unapologetically campy spirit.  

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