Saturday, July 9, 2022

Something Rotten @ Beck Center For The Arts

Through August 7, 2022 
(216) 521-2540 X10

 Roy Berko

"SOMETHING ROTTEN" is a theatrical treat. This is an absolutely must see for anyone who loves musical theatre and/or wants to experience a wonderful evening of dance, song and side-splitting laughter. It is actually worthy of a standing ovation!)

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Howard Gollop

Even the best regional theaters stretch their limits when it comes to mounting a big Broadway musical, usually the domain of the national tour circuit in Northeast Ohio. But Beck Center for the Arts stretches its talent (if not its budget) to new heights in its production of the relatively new Broadway hit "Something Rotten."

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Sheri Gross

If you are no stranger to the show “Something Rotten,” you will want to make your way to Beck Center to see this particular rendition. And if you have never seen the show, get your tickets now, because we all need a good laugh these days, and this production is not only laugh-out-loud funny, but wonderfully campy, and full of frivolous fun!

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Mark Horning

If you are weary of seeing the latest “Broadway Show Based On A Movie”, “Something Rotten” stands alone in its originality. It is truly laugh out loud funny. See how many Bard and Broadway references you can pick up out of the rapid fire delivery. Be prepared to be totally entertained.

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Chris Howey
No review yet.
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Laura Kennelly

Nothing is rotten about the Beck Center’s fast-moving summer offering, Something Rotten. An allusive feast, the musical, playing in the Senney Theater through August 7, makes snappy, satirical fun of literary icon William Shakespeare and his imagined rivals.

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