Thursday, July 14, 2022

GODSPELL @ Porthouse

July 8-23, 2022
Tickets:  330-672-3884 or

Roy Berko

A good production of GODSPELL can be a fine theatrical experience, whether you are or are not into the religious message.  Though the ending did not have the emotional effect that could be created, the Porthouse staging pleased the audience.

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Kerry Clawson

Porthouse Theatre has a hit on its hands with its ultra-animated, fun-loving production of the classic musical "Godspell," featuring a highly talented cast of 10 at the outdoor summer theater adjacent to Blossom Music Center. 

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Sheri Gross

This production of “Godspell” is filled with music that you want to sing, lessons that you want to think about, and talent that you want to applaud. So make sure to check the Blossom concert schedule and start out early to avoid traffic. You won’t want to miss a moment.  

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