Saturday, July 6, 2019


Through July 20, 2019
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Roy Berko

“Tintypes” is a musical revue which reminds of the desires, values and worth of immigrants.  It reinforces the idea of why the less fortunate of the world are willing to risk their very lives in their desire to live the American dream. In its own way, it highlights the present battle over immigration. 

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 Kerry Clawson

“Tintypes” is a fast-paced, peppy musical revue at Porthouse Theatre. It celebrates the rapid change that took place in America between the 1870s and 1920. ... This musical attempts to cover a lot of historical territory, including the rapid industrialization, factory workers’ plight, politics and entertainment of the era. But there’s no story with a solid through line to bring us through that time period, so audiences experience snapshots of that history almost solely through music.

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Mark Horning

While the July 4th holiday brings out a plethora of patriotic concerts and shows, Tintypes manages to strike a nice balance of contemporary and rousing martial music making for an extremely fine evening of family entertainment. Bring a picnic dinner to enjoy at the spacious grounds surrounding the theater and prepare to go home feeling good.

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