Friday, July 26, 2019


Through  August 11, 2019
(330) 672-3884

Bob Abelman

Is there a better time than now to escape to Meredith Willson’s musical comedy safe-haven of River City, Iowa in 1912?  And is there a better place to do it than at the Porthouse amphitheater, summer home of the Equity actor-enhanced productions of Kent State University’s musical theater program?

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Roy Berko

“The Music Man” is a staple of the American musical theatre genre.  It makes for a wonderful summer escape.  The Porthouse production is not without its flaws, but all in all, the end result is a pleasurable experience.

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Mark Horning

Gather the family for an old fashion picnic on the spacious grounds surrounding Porthouse Theatre followed by a nostalgic journey to simpler times. You will leave the performance humming one of the many grand tunes in this nearly perfect show.

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