Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Through November 11, 2018
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Bob Abelman

It’s red herring season in Annie Baker’s ‘John.’

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Roy Berko

In spite of several outstanding performances, Dobama’s “John” is overly long and too slowly paced.  The author misses the opportunity to develop the potential of the core concepts of the tale.  It is worth the long sit, however, to experience the astounding five-minute between acts monologue by Dorothy Silver!
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Mark Horning

While the acting is superb, the meandering story line goes out of its way to avoid any hint of mystery or ghostly approbations. It is 168 minutes (with two ten minute intermissions) of tepid suspense that leads you to wonder what all the fuss was about. 

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Christine Howey
As the play enters its fourth hour (there are two intermissions), one wonders if all this could be handled in a less time-consuming manner. But under the sensitive direction of Nathan Motta, John glistens most brightly in the silences carved out by these talented actors.
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Andrea Simakis

You’re sure to reach the end knowing more, thinking more, feeling something more, than when you started. [Dorothy] Silver’s monologue detailing how she lost her mind... is so funny, disquieting and riveting that when she completes it, you feel as though she has just released you from a spell... Silver delivers what amounts to a mini “King Lear.” That’s how it hit me, days later – as if the entirety of that work had been boiled down to a three-page monologue, performed by a woman.

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