Sunday, October 7, 2018

HELLO DOLLY @ Connor Palace (Key Bank Broadway Series)

Connor Palace/PlayhouseSquare
September 3-October 21, 2018
216-241-6000 or go to

Bob Abelman

So, what kind of Dolly is Betty Buckley?  Sadly, she is the least interesting thing on stage. 

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Roy Berko

The sold out opening night audience got what they came for:   Betty Buckley, enthusiastic dancing, spectacle in the form of wonderful costumes and special effects, some laughs, and lots of wonderful music!  Not all theater is intended to tell philosophical and meaningful ideas.  Sometimes it is just nice to go and enjoy, feel warm and happy, and appreciate the joys of life! See “Hello Dolly.”

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Kerry Clawson

The national tour of “Hello, Dolly!”, now launching from Playhouse Square’s Connor Palace, is a joyfully sweet, old-fashioned extravaganza.
Leading the production in the title role is Broadway legend Betty Buckley, who brings a brassy alto voice and a delightful verve to Dolly Levi.
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Christine Howey

Trouble is, Dolly is mostly missing in action in her own show since, through no fault of her own, the superb Broadway star Betty Buckley has been miscast in that role that cries out for a different kind of performer. 

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Laura Kennelly

Bottom Line: Hello Dolly!, like Les Miserables (next up at Playhouse Square, October 30 to November 18), is a festival featuring familiar delights with big numbers and fancy costumes. A nostalgic celebration of a world vanished, it avoids focus on personal and world problems seen in many contemporary musicals (Dear Evan Hansen, Come from Away). The problem here is a  classic one: finding true love. That alone makes it a charming night of escape.

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David Ritchey

Betty Buckle’s name is above the title, this means she is going to dominate this beautiful production of the American favorite. When she made her first entrance, stepping from the train and standing center stage, the audience in Cleveland’s Connor Palace stood and cheered. Betty Buckley knew she was where she belonged with a loving audience and as the performance progressed Betty Buckley showed her affection for the Cleveland audience. Buckley seemed in top form as she sang and danced and delivered old lines that still bring laughs to the audience. This role is written for a mature actress and it’s demanding vocally and requires plenty of dance skills.  Betty Buckley is up to the demands of the script.        
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Andrea Simakis

One of the marks of a great production is when the supporting characters, those stalwarts with a total number of lines you can count on one or two hands, are a sheer delight.
That's the kind of tip-of-the-feathered-tiara-to-toe craftsmanship at work in the first national tour of the celebrated revival of "Hello, Dolly!" that kicked off Friday at the Connor Palace in Playhouse Square.

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