Thursday, July 6, 2017


Through July 23, 2017
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Bob Abelman

Risks are taken in this regional premiere production – including the opening reveal of Mary and her final tableau – but not all of them pay off and, given the nature of this work, not enough of them are attempted.  At the end of the play, the grieving, flesh and blood mother of the historical Christ asks “was it worth it?”  If this same question was applied to MamaĆ­’s production, the answer would be yes.

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Mark Horning

For those looking for a revealing religious experience in which to hang their hat on they may be disappointed. This is more a play about a mother’s loss and the effect it has had on her life. You truly feel Mary’s pain as you relate to the loss of her husband and Son. Go in with an open mind and leave a little wiser.   
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Christine Howey

Quibbles with the staging aside, Toibin’s script is finely crafted and Anne McEvoy invests it with a quiet determination and wry skepticism that is rich and evocative. And that is something worth seeing, protests or not.

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Andrea Simakis

In "The Testament of Mary," the mother of Jesus tells the story of her son's life and crucifixion in her own words.  Her rendition, as imagined by Irish playwright Colm Toibin, differs from anything we've heard. In its regional premiere, the one-woman play is more audacious in concept than execution. This might come as a surprise and, perhaps, something of a disappointment to demonstrators who have gathered in Playhouse Square to protest the production.
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