Saturday, July 29, 2017


Through August 13, 2017
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Bob Abelman

Porthouse’s ‘Newsies’ performs above the fold.

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Roy Berko

“Newsies,” which is based on a real tale of good versus evil, and a love connection of opposites attracting, has a multi-textured melodic score. The Porthouse production contains dynamic choreography and strong musical and vocal sounds, which adds up to a very pleasant evening of theater!

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Kerry Clawson

Soaring dance and vocals make the Disney musical "Newsies" a thrilling, thoroughly entertaining experience at Porthouse Theatre.

Director Terri Kent's exuberant cast is dominated by the 16 extremely talented newsies, most of whom are college age. Her casting net has gone wide to find the right young men with stellar dance skills in addition to singing and acting prowess. It's exciting and rare to see this much young male, triple-threat talent on one Northeast Ohio stage. ...  All bring a freshness, innocence and winsome energy to their roles as late 19th century newspaper delivery boys.

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Mark Horning

A small army of professional caliber performers have been gathered to entertain who manage to take a formula musical and turn it into something very special. Bring the entire family together for a pre-show picnic and an outstanding evening of musical entertainment.

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Christine Howey
It’s a stirring tale with several contemporary connections. And the large cast under the always-disciplined direction of Terri J. Kent handles it masterfully. 

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