Saturday, November 12, 2016

WEST SIDE STORY @ Baldwin Wallace University

November 9-22, 2016
John Patrick Theatre, Baldwin Wallace University
For tickets:  440-826-2240 or

"In order to bring attention to high quality productions at theatre’s that are not on the Cleveland Critics Circle’s approved list, when a member of the Circle sees a community or educational theater production that s/he thinks is of high quality, they have the option of listing that specific production on CCC’s blogsite.  This is a review that falls into that category."

Roy Berko

BWU’s Music Theater program is nationally recognized for its quality, as evidenced by the number of its graduates who have lit up the Broadway theater scene and touring productions.  WEST SIDE STORY is a difficult show to “get right.”  As should be expected from the quality students and proficient staff, the production was a step above what other colleges could do. Better than Broadway?…no.  But, definitely the incubator where future Broadway stars bud and grow.   Anyone who hasn’t seen this wonderfully conceived musical should attend this production.

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Andrea Simakis
No review yet.
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