Sunday, May 8, 2016

WRESTLING JERUSALEM @ Cleveland Public Theatre

May 6-22, 2016
216-631-2727 or go on line to

Roy Berko

Raymond Bobgan, the Executive Artistic Director of CPT states in his program notes, “Here at CPT, we truly believe art has a role to play in raising consciousness and nurturing compassion, in reckoning with some of the most challenging, personal and complex issues of our time.”  His selection of WRESTLING JERUSALEM, a thought-provoking, well written, compelling and well-performed piece of theater fulfills his beliefs.  This is a must see experience for people, no matter their cultural backgrounds. 

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Mark Horning

“Wrestling Jerusalem” gives a non-judgmental, balanced yet passionate look at a seemingly impossible situation through the use of frank dialog between a seeker and those living within the conflict.  All who come to see this amazing show will be moved no matter what their attitudes are be they pro, con or indifferent.  Sure to be a sell-out for each performance.   

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Christine Howey

Most of the segments, however, deal with issues we’ve all heard about, and little new or surprising is uncovered. But if you’ve somehow missed all this turmoil, Wrestling Jerusalem is a dandy way to bring yourself up to date. 

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