Tuesday, May 17, 2016


May 21 through August 21, 2016

Bob Abelman

Southern comfort comedy ‘Steel Magnolias’ historic and hysterical

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Roy Berko

There was some complaining when it was announced that one of the offerings of the Key Bank Broadway series was going to be a local staging of a script that has been done by many community theatres. After seeing the CPH/PHSq production there should be little upset.  Steel Magnolias is a must see production that tells a life story with comedy and pathos!  Bravo!
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Mark Horning
As satisfying as a Southern home cook meal this sharply written gem of a play with its rapier wit has been pared down to the basic emotions of joy, love, friendship, fear and anguish as performed by a wonderful cast of relatable characters.  Bring the family for a dose of Southern fried humor.
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Howard Gollup

Unfortunately it’s not apparent that anything new has been stamped into this “Steel Magnolias.” It’s just a stamped-out production of a serviceable “dramady.”
It’s still a passable evening of theater, and it’s mounted befittingly for a Playhouse Square production (with nice sets by Vicki Smith).
But how fun or funny it winds up being for any individual depends ultimately on how easily he or she can afford a ticket in the first place.

Kerry Clawson

We find ourselves laughing through the tears as we spend a couple of hours with six southern spitfires in the beloved comedy-drama "Steel Magnolias" at Cleveland Play House.
This warm, poignant all-female play, directed by Cleveland Play House’s Laura Kepley, is a first-time co-production between CPH and Playhouse Square. CPH’s joint production with Playhouse Square, which is in an extended run into August, is beautifully directed and performed.

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Andrea Simakis

Southern charm, delivered by women on stage and off. 

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