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Bob Abelman

Some musicals have an impressive literary pedigree.  The Tony Award-winning “Cats” is based on the whimsical verse of poet T.S. Eliot.  “South Pacific” is an adaptation of James A. Michener’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.  “The Spitfire Grill,” on stage at the Beck Center for the Arts, seems inspired by Hallmark.  

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Roy Berko

THE SPITFIRE GRILL is a nicely honed script, filled with excellent music.  It gets a well-conceived, acted and sung production.
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Mark Horning

This is a nice rainy evening type of show to see that has a high content of comfort in it.  Before the last curtain call, all ends predictably well and the theme that constructive change is always possible for those willing to work at it gives the audience a feel-good sense of well being to take home with them. 

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Christine Howey
The actors do their jobs well under the direction of William Roudebush. But the whole thing is so drenched in sugary syrup that they should have hot showers in the lobby for audience members who need to rinse off the treacle.

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Art Thomas

This is one of the quirkiest musicals you'll see. The charming characters and folk-style score make it easy to dismiss the outlandish plot and situations. With Bill Roudebush directing and  a cast that includes Neely Gevaart, Lenne Snively and Dan Folino it doesn't get better than this. 
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