Monday, August 17, 2015


August 14 through September 5, 2015
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Bob Abelman

A play within a play -- where a story being told closely parallels the lives of the characters themselves -- is a literary device nearly as old as literature itself.   Shakespeare used it in “Hamlet,” but while the Bard's intention is to provoke Hamlet's murderous uncle so as to “catch the conscience of the king," Mike Geither has significantly less lofty reasons in mind in “Tear It Off.”  He’s going for laughs.  And getting them.

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Roy Berko

TEAR IT OFF is no great theatrical script, but the premise and the way it is developed makes for a fun evening of theatre, resulting in a get-away from the “real world,” where goings-on are a little less formulaic. 

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Mark Horning

Sometimes one should go to the theatre just for a light laugh and Tear It Off certainly fills the bill.  You will find yourself in a continuous state of chuckles as this romantic farce is revealed.

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