Friday, August 28, 2015


September 4 through October 4, 2015


Bob Abelman

For a play whose title is so ambiguous, its plot points and production couldn’t be more ambitious.

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Roy Berko

OR, is an amusing and revealing historification take on the Western world’s first recognized woman playwright, and her supposed relationships with Charles II, the King of England, and Nell Gwynn, one of the most famous actresses of her time.  The Dobama production is long on farce and fine acting!  It makes for a entertaining evening of theatre.  

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Mark Horning

If your choice is to stay at home and binge watch the newest drivel from TV Land OR to see a really great production, you are strongly advised to pick the latter OR regret your choice.  The show is fresh and funny and puts real people in historic situations that show that not much has changed in 345 years Or so.  Trust that your time will not be wasted in this evening of madcap farce and hisdromedy that promises to be one of the hits of the season.  Do not miss this show OR you will be sORry.

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Christine Howey

While this may not be entirely satisfying for some scholars, the show is loaded with rich wordplay, some biographical elements, and modern language suffused with a Restoration comedy flavor.

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