Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thurgood @ Ensemble Theatre

Through February 22, 2015
2843 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Hts., 216-321-2930

Bob Abelman

In “Thurgood” – a no-frills one-man reflection on the accomplishments of Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Supreme Court Justice – Ensemble Theatre’s Greg White is the embodiment of the man.  Rather than relying on physical resemblance or parlor tricks, White depicts Thurgood from the inside out and is wonderful. Trouble is, the play is not as good as it is good for you.

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Roy Berko

THURGOOD is a well-conceived script, which receives a solid production.  The message is a lesson well needed for black and whites alike. It should be a “must see” for junior and high school students, their parents and grandparents so that the story of the ever present issue of granting civil rights becomes a cause-célèbre and all people are treated with respect and dignity.
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Mark Horning

“Thurgood” goes beyond the premise of Black History and into the realm of Great Americans History.  It is a show of how one man can make tremendous change in spite of the great odds against him.  Greg White captures the determination as well as humor of this great American hero.  Fill the seats for this one.  It is a play that will inspire all who see it.  

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Christine Howey

These stories are told in a cozy, conversational manner in this one-person show with Greg White as Marshall. White is able to embody the passion of the man while scaling his aura down to a relatable size. As directed fluidly by Sarah May, White is always interesting and at times compelling.

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