Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Cleveland Public Theatre
October 10-26, 2013
216-241-6000 or www.clevelandplayhouse.com

Roy Berko

This is a post from the previous CPT production of INSOMNIA:
CPT’s INSOMNIA THE WAKING OF HERSELVES is blessed with flawless acting and is well paced. Anyone who is interested in good acting and a challenging theatrical experience should go to this production. 

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Mark Horning

Cleveland Public Theatre’s production of “Insomnia, The Waking of Herselves” is probably geared more towards a woman’s point of view and psyche.  Although it was superbly acted, it was not something that I readily understood, but I am not going to lose any sleep over it. 

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Christine Howey

Director Bobgan keeps the action streamlined and cohesive so that this very internal play never lapses into navel-gazing. The result is a production that is tight, witty and often quite powerful—encouraging all of us to make friends with those moon voices and fanciful spirits that speak to us in the dead of night.

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