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September 20-October 20
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Bob Abelman

“She Loves Me” is a good, old-fashioned romantic romp that makes you feel so much better about life after watching it than when you first entered the theater. 

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Roy Berko

If your are a fan of old fashioned, escapist musicals, with pleasant music, performed by a talented cast, you’ll love SHE LOVES ME.
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Fran Heller

Call me an incorrigible romantic, but I adored "She Loves Me" the 1963 musical comedy that hearkens back to the Golden Age of musical theater.
This gem of a chamber musical exudes a sweet charm that never grows cloying throughout the (longish) two-and-a-half hour production, owing to Scott Spense's deft direction and a cherry picked cast that kept the show buoyant.

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Mark Horning
 “She Loves Me” is one of those nice little surprises that you come across in local productions from time to time.  At spots during the show the degree of professionalism makes you forget you are in a local theater as you see hints of a truly Broadway worthy performance. You’ll Love It.
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Christine Howey
Performed by an exceptional cast and featuring superb work by director Scott Spence and choreographer Martin Cespedes, this is an old-fashioned musical that scores on almost all counts.

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She Loves Me has all of the classic elements of a delightful musical and is sure to entertain theatre lovers of all ages.
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Art Thomas

The show has a beautiful melodic score and a first-rate script. Beck's production capitalizes on local talent and Broadway luminary Rebecca Pitcher. The result is a fully engaging performance of musical theater at its best.

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