Friday, September 27, 2013


Ensemble Theater
September 27-October 20, 2013 or 216-321-2930

Roy Berko

ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER is an often amusing, thought provoking play about what happens when the lives of mismatched people collide in complicated ways that highlight hurt  and the challenges of individuals who don’t know who they are or how to be in the world. The Ensemble production doesn’t quite reach the quality of the play’s writing, but does hold attention and leaves the audience thinking.

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Fran Heller

At first blush, origami sounds like an off-putting subject for a play.
In Rajiv Joseph's 2008 comedy/drama, the Japanese art of paper folding serves as a metaphor for examining the human condition.
An intimate three-hander revolving around an artist, a teacher and a gifted student, this deceptively simple play deepens in complexity over issues of love and loss, pain and suffering and growing up.

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Mark Horning

“Animals Out Of Paper” at Ensemble Theatre is a good example of “Intellectual Theater” that challenges us to think.  The only shortcoming is in the ending which allows us “the audience” to “think” our own conclusion to the play.  If you like to use your imagination, see this one. 

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Christine Howey

It's true in love as it is in theater: opposites attract. But when you pile up a few too many opposites in one play, the initially interesting friction can lead to some problems.

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Andrea Simakis

ANIMALS OUT OF PAPER is an apt choice for Ensemble's season opener.  The company is known for championing the work of homegrown playwrights, and [Cleveland Heights native, Rajiv] Joseph is a star.  The production, directed by Celeste Cosentno, is an engaging one. 

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