Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2  through 18
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Roy Berko

TENDER NAPALM is an “In-Yer-Face” flow of pseudo-intellectual double talk and esoteric mumbo jumbo, splattered like colors into a mélange of existential gibberish.  Its real value, however, is that it allows two superb actors (Melissa Crum and Matt O’Shea) to display their talents.  That’s the only reason to go see this production, and that may be reason enough. 

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TENDER NAPALM is graphic, vulgar and funny, but ultimately left me scratching my head and grasping for meaning.

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Christine Howey

If you like rough sex but without, um, the sex part, then you're sure to be entranced by this one-act exploration by Philip Ridley into the psychosexual byways of a relationship. However, if you don't come in with that attitude, it may be hard for you to catch up with this dense, florid, fantasy-drenched and relentlessly in-your-face piece.
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