Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PlayhouseSquare (Palace Theatre)
April 9-21, 2013
216-241-6000 or
Bob Abelman

Those who don’t like sentimentality in their entertainment or who are self-conscious about emoting in public are in for a long evening.  “War Horse” is a technically amazing, thoroughly engaging, emotional rollercoaster not to be missed.

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Roy Berko

Filled with amazing puppetry, stirring music, a riveting story, compelling graphics, and fine acting, WARHORSE is mesmerizing must see theatre.
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Kerry Clawson

Magnificent staging and excellent ensemble work seamlessly create a world fraught with the dangers of war in the drama War Horse, now playing at PlayhouseSquare’s Palace Theatre in Cleveland.

The 18 puppeteers who operate the horses are the true stars of the show, especially the trios who team up to animate Joey and Topthorn as each animal’s Head, Heart and Hind.

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Fran Heller

A heartwarming story of loyalty and friendship as well as a graphic depiction of the horrors of war, "War Horse" is magical; a winning combination of stagecraft, storytelling and puppetry. It's everything good theatre should be and a show that appeals to young and old alike.

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Christine Howey

If one were to offer a concise comment on the script of War Horse, now at PlayhouseSquare, it might read: It's an after-school special about the love shared between a boy and his horse, with bullets.

But this show is much more than that, thanks to three things: some invigorating scenic effects, a ripping good performance by former Cleveland actor Andrew May, and life-size horsey puppets that seem so real you can almost smell the pony biscuits from the lobby.

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WarHorse is a powerful, heart-string-tugging story, and an action packed, immersive night of theatre you will never forget.

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Andrea Simakis

So many moments in WAR HORSE--the triumph of stagecraft now wokring its magic at the Palace Theatre--can be described as breathtaking (and that's without a dollop of hyperbole) that to isolate just one takes some doing.

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Art Thomas

There's enough theatricality in this production for ten shows. "War Horse" is the merging of a compelling story line, based on reality, with sublime puppetry that makes equine characters as real as humans. There's music too for those that require it. 
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