Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cleveland Play House
April 19-May 19, 2013

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Bob Abelman

Director Michael Bloom has been given a gift by playwright Victoria Stewart, and he unwraps “Rich Girl” with incredible patience and precision.  Here is a romantic comedy with just the right balance of both, offered at just the right intervals and with just the right flair. 

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Roy Berko

RICH GIRL grabs and holds the attention, the cast is strong, and the technical aspects excellent.  Go see this sure-fire audience pleaser!

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Fran Heller

As the saying goes, money can't buy happiness. Or, can it?
Playwright Victoria Stewart raises and savors the question in her romantic comedy, "Rich Girl."
It's a smart, sophisticated look at women, their relationship with money and men, and whether art can transform a material culture.

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Christine Howey
Basically, this is a chick flick dropped onto a stage, as it deals with dating and romance, the oppressive demands of money, and a mother-daughter relationship from one of the nastier rings of Hell. Deft direction by Michael Bloom and a solid four-person cast bring out the humor while also managing to land a couple substantial reflections on our culture.
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Rich Girl is an engaging, intelligent and hilarious look at the life of Eve Walker, played by three time Tony nominee Dee Hoty.

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Andrea Simakis

From the moment she walks into the spotlight of the Second Street theater, you can feel the savage glee that Lakewood native and three-time tony-nominated actress Dee Hoty brings to the role of th financial guru Eve Walker, her plum of a part in RICH GIRL.

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Art Thomas

Money IS important, and so are relationships to it and those who seek it. "Rich Girl" explores all of this in a script that is contemporary and genuinely funny, with a suspenseful roller coaster of emotions.
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