Friday, June 15, 2012

JUNE 6-30, 2012
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Bob Abelman

When leaving the outdoor Porthouse facility at the end of its production of "Damn Yankees," there is a distinct odor of camphor in the air.  It is unclear if it is coming from the bug repellent used by theatergoers or from the mothball musical just performed.  Try as it might, and it tries mightily, the Porthouse production can’t quite get over, around or through the obstacles of the work itself.  

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Roy Berko

-->DAMN YANKEES is not a great script, but quality singing and dancing, and a solid cast, headed by MaryAnn Black, Eric vanBaars and Michael Glavan, create an enjoyable evening of summer entertainment.
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Kerry Clawson

While Porthouse Theatre’s production of Damn Yankees has its share of delightful moments, the overall effect leaves a musical theater fan feeling deflated. The biggest thing that stops this production in its tracks is the underwhelming dynamics between main characters Lola and young baseball player Joe Hardy. As Lola, MaryAnn Black, 59, is a knockout in the dance category. But a seductress Black is not.

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Fran Heller

"Damn Yankees" is a throwback to the heyday of big, bold and brassy Broadway musicals.
The exuberant Porthouse production pulls it off with brio.

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Christine Howey

Once again this classic show delivers the goods, thanks to the spot on direction of Terri Kent and some winning performances. The production is tied together with excellent dance numbers choreographed by John R. Crawford and a chorus of ballplayers (male and female) who are energetic and sharp in every scene. 

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