Saturday, June 9, 2012

JUNE 15-JULY 1, 2012
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Bob Abelman

“Sesame Street” gone to seed, “Avenue Q” simultaneously blows and bursts the bubble of familiar kid-vid conventions in its tale about transitioning from college to life.  When the musical moved from off Broadway to Broadway, many critics said it was too small, too simple and too silly an entertainment to justify the upgrade in real estate.  It is a perfect fit as a summer production in the small theater space located in charming Cain Park.

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Roy Berko

The award winning AVENUE Q, Sesame Street for adults, gets a well-honed production at Cain Park.  Show highlights include spot-on performances by Jesse Markowitz, John Paul Boukis and Todd Hancock.  This is a must see for the more liberal minded.

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Fran Heller

This irreverent and wickedly funny show is a coming-of-age story about the rocky transition from childhood to young adulthood and the uncertainties and angst of contemporary real life.
The Cain Park production is as good as it gets under Russ Borski's vision as director, set designer and puppet designer/creator, featuring a made-in-heaven cast.

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Avenue Q knocks one out of the park, pun intended, at Cain Park!

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Marjorie Preston
“Avenue Q" is a rollicking good time.  Effortlessly, the cute, hand-made puppets – and the talented actors who give them voice – take taboo subjects like sex, money or racism and open them up for discussion in public by finding the universality and humor in them.  The years after college can be lonely and full of challenges, and “Avenue Q” explores that time, as well as posits that everyone’s a little empty, a little racist, and a little sad, but that life’s full of surprises. So’s this production of “Avenue Q” – unique, funny, enjoyable, and well worth seeing.

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