Saturday, January 27, 2024

At The Wake Of A Dead Drag Queen @ Dobama Theatre

Through February 18, 2024
(216) 932-3396 


Roy Berko 

The show, which gets an acceptable performance, isn't for everyone. However, it should make audience members think and expose the average person to people and a way-of-life beyond their norm experience. It’s worth a go-see!

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Mark Horning

If you have ever been curious about the behind the scenes world of drag queens, now is your chance to experience up close and personal a slice of their lives. This production delves beyond the surface to give us an in depth portrait of two very complex characters. Paint your lips, swing your hips and come experience a moving story...high heels optional.

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Chris Howey

Preston Crowder’s directing is evocative, compelling, and engaging. Love scenes with small “beats” are well choreographed and accentuated by lights and movement. The scenes are raw, visceral, and graphic, demonstrating the characters’ hunger for love and connections.

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Yuko Kurahashi

Dobama Theatre’s regional premiere of At the Wake of a Dead Drag Queen, written by Terry Guest and directed by Preston Crowder, is a powerful and compelling work that makes its audience reflect on the journey of LGBTQ+ people and communities. Set in a gay bar in Albany, Georgia, in multiple times—past, present, and future—Courtney/Anthony Berringers, performed by Jason Eno, tells a story about them, her, him, and others ranging from West African Gods/Goddesses to Trina, Judy Garland, and Whitey Houston. Though Courtney/Anthony’s story is told in the bar, the audience is taken, at the meta-level, to different locations in different moments of the characters’ lives, including their childhood homes and a hospital room.

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