Saturday, July 8, 2023

Once On This Island @ Beck Center for the Arts

Through August 6, 2023
(216) 521-2540

Roy Berko

The stage was constantly displaying well-conceived stage pictures, the choreography was not only creative, but visually encapsulating, and the entire production was a master class in how to create an audience pleasing show that developed the intent and purpose of the author. In fact, it actually made more of the storyline than Lynn Ahrens created.  This is musical theatre at its finest!  Bravo!

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Howard Gollop

As charming and evocative as the fairytale storyline may be (ingeniously scripted by Lyricist Lynn Ahrens), what really elevates the Beck Center production into the magical experience is the surprisingly elevated production team of Broadway-caliber director-choreographer Christopher Chase Carter, scenic designer Cherri DeVol (as exuberantly lit by Emma Hansen) and costume designer Inda Blatch-Geib. 

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Mark Horning

Combine vibrant calypso and island music with bright costuming, an unbelievable stage set, an engaging story line and exceptional dance numbers and you have a sure hit at the Beck Center for the Arts. You will be rocking in your seats as this captivating tale unfolds Come take a vacation to the islands. This is must see theater!

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Chris Howey

Both a visual and audio treat, Once on This Island will transport you in more ways than one. It's a show worth at least one toast afterwards with frosty Margaritas.

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Kate Klotzbach

Running now through August 6 on the Senney Theater Main Stage at the Beck Center, this blend of beautiful storytelling and exceptional talent is a summer experience that will entertain and provide an island break from the worries of the day.

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