Wednesday, May 17, 2023

DEAR EVAN HANSEN (Huntington Featured Performance)

Connor Palace

May 16-21, 2023, 216-241-6000

Roy Berko

“DEAR EVAN HANSEN” is a mesmerizing evening of contemporary musical theater.  Complete with pop-contemporary music sounds, staged with narrative story-telling tunes, and a relevant story line, it is one of the finest examples of the new wave of musical dramas.  Don’t go expecting show-stoppers and an escapist plot.  This is life as it is being lived, with all its angst and issues.  The touring production, with choreography by Danny Mefford and direction by Michael Greif, is standing ovation worthy and is an absolutely must see!!  

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Howard Gollop

If you missed the poorly attended but acclaimed 2021 film version, you might think you know what the 2016 Broadway hit “Dear Evan Hansen” is about before entering the Connor Palace on Playhouse Square — perhaps some sort of staged Hallmark movie of the week about a teen loner who finds popularity by “just being himself."

But as the plot unfolds and the emotional music commences, it turns out you didn’t know “Dear Evan Hansen” at all, nor how wonderfully the show evolves into a transformative emotional experience. Nor how the show improves with age as it makes its return engagement to Playhouse Square with a cast that may very well rival the Broadway original led by Ben Platt (judging from videoed segments from the original production).

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Mark Horning

This is a show designed for parents and teenage children alike. It is a production that will open up dialogues between families as the show is totally relatable to everyone. An excellent story line, hard hitting subject matter, great acting, great visuals and great music combine to make this must see theater. Buy the tickets and bring the teens!

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Chris Howey

"The intriguing story is fully supported by a melodic, often powerful score and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. And it misses the trap of falling into maudlin sentimentality since the book by Steven Levenson has enough snark to keep it all from becoming a trite after-school special."

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