Sunday, December 4, 2022

The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told @ Convergence-Continuum

Through December 17, 2022
(216) 687-0074

Roy Berko

THE MOST FABULOUS STORY EVER TOLD will delight con-con regulars and intentionally upset the religious up-tight.  But, as Rudnick stated about detractors, "tell them I spoke to God personally and he said they're wrong."

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Howard Gollop 

Rudnick's gay humor resonates at the convergence-continuum theater even if many of the jokes are past their expiration date, and the cast and crew put forth a noble effort. Still, considering even the original 1998 off-Broadway production faltered, it would be unfair to expect much more than a frivolous, if confusing, evening of "you-go-girl" fun.

Mark Horning

If you are a religiously uptight individual this is definitely not the play for you to see. With tickets selling fast it would be best for those who appreciate wacky irreverent humor to have their chance to attend. This is a production for the extremely open minded. Bigots need not apply.

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Chris Howey

"While several of the playwright's topical japes and jabs have lost their punch, there are still more LOL moments in this play than in most other comedy scripts."

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