Wednesday, August 3, 2022

West Side Story @ Porthouse Theatre

Through August 14, 2022
(330) 672-3884


Roy Berko

WEST SIDE STORY is near the top of my list of all-time great musicals. The creative choreography and solid character development of the Porthouse production did nothing to dissuade my love for the show.  Bravo!!!  I look forward to more shows produced by the Terri Kent and Martin Céspedes dynamic duo!

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Kerry Clawson

Passion, love, hate and tragedy leap onto the stage at Porthouse Theatre with its electrifying production of West Side Story.

... Director Terri Kent and artistic collaborator/choreographer Martin Cespedes have combined forces to create a swirling, constantly moving world of warring street gangs and star-crossed lovers caught amid hate, prejudice and violence in 1957 New York City. The 36 actors in their terrific cast throw themselves into this timeless musical ...

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Sheri Gross

No review yet.
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Mark Horning

Porthouse Theatre has always been more than the show. It is the gathering of old friends and family to break bread picnic style on the spacious grounds. It is also a chance to see the future stars of Broadway as they practice their craft for the first time. This remarkable production of “West Side Story” is not to be missed. Bring the clan and enjoy a superb evening of entertainment.

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Chris Howey

Porthouse Theatre's Production of 'West Side Story' Is So Damn Good

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