Thursday, June 9, 2022

Playhouse Square Touring Production of My Fair Lady

Through June 26, 2022 
(216) 241-6000


Roy Berko

MY FAIR LADY has deservedly been called "the perfect musical" and the Lincoln Center revival did nothing but increase the respect level. The touring company, may not be up to the New York performance level, but it is a visual and production delight.  It is well-worth a trip to Playhouse Square!

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Howard Gollop

Yes, as the number ("Get Me to the Church on Time") magically grows chorus members, the dancing girls somehow fade away and in come drag queens for a raucous can-can. We are in "Moulin Rouge" territory now.

I don't think Shaw would have ever imagined this when "Pygmalion" opened in London in 1913, but 109 years later, audiences less and less can imagine or appreciate what life was really like in the author's day, which would make a more faithful adaptation all that more "loverly."

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Sheri Gross

Yes, this play is three hours long, but don’t let that scare you away. This updated version of “My Fair Lady,” under the impeccable direction of Bartlett Sher, with its beloved score by Lerner and Leowe, and its exceptional cast led by Ahmed and Mackintosh, is an important piece of classic theater that demands to be seen. In fact, you may walk out of the theater singing to yourselves, “I could have watched all night…and still have begged for more.” 

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Mark Horning

This is a show that will totally enthrall all who see it. From the over the top grand stage sets with descending Opera House front, Higgin’s spinning multi-room home with spacious study, Alfred’s neighborhood pub, Higgin’s outdoor street, Ascot (with the sound of horses racing from left to right), and the Grand Ballroom at the Embassy, the costuming, the singing, the orchestra...I could go on and on. In short, see this show and be bedazzled. You will be humming songs all the way back to the car.

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Chris Howey

Some have dubbed "My Fair Lady" the "perfect musical" since it is not the kind of sappy "moon-June" romance that gets stale over the decades. Thanks to Alan Jay Lerner's witty book and lyrics, Frederick Lowe's lush score, and Sher's spot-on direction, this production rises to the top. And it does so without a traditional love story, a comedy lead, or de rigeur kickass dance numbers for a chorus of 40, "My Fair Lady" is simply a delight for all the senses, right down to the perfect downbeat ending.

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Laura Kennelly

Although My Fair Lady is over 60 years old, she is not showing her age. Director Bartlett Sher has kept the glamour and modernized the emphasis without changing a word in Playhouse Square’s latest touring show. Yes, Alan Jay Lerner (book and lyrics) and Frederick Loewe (music) still create theater magic....

Caution: If you are expecting a rom-com, you are bound to be disappointed, especially in this subtly modernized version. Ahmed’s Eliza is brilliant, hard-working, and — when the role demands it — gorgeous and charming, but there are no romantic vibes between her and her instructor. It does not matter, it is a wonderful show and if you go home and think Higgins and Eliza are made for each other? Well, anything is possible in fantasy land.

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Zachary Lewis

Superb cast and lavish visuals come together in lavish production of "My Fair Lady" at Playhouse Square.

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